Using a finger reader for Bus loading

We are back with another blog post! One of the major advantages that comes with purchasing our product is accountability. An example not many people have thought of is to use our finger reader system in busses! Why wait for a problem to happen? It only takes one child not getting on a bus, or a child getting on the wrong bus for there to be a big problem! By adding our finger reader, it would make it easier to track who gets on and off the bus. This allows the bus driver to have peace of mind knowing that all children are accounted for. We have installed finger readers in many busses, cutting down on mistakes and forgotten kids. Leaving parents, teachers, and drivers feeling safer about their own children and the children they are responsible for.  

     Busses are hectic places for children and the drivers. By installing a finger reader the bus driver can check who has gotten on the bus, and make sure before leaving that all children are accounted for. This helps end turning around to go get children who missed the bus, saving the driver time and the school money in the long run. Another problem I hear a few parents talking about is that younger children have trouble finding the correct bus. This system would be able to tell the child, or driver that they should be on a different bus by flashing a red light. This would allow the driver to help and direct them to the correct bus before there is an issue.