Universal connectivity of the Finger ID system

This weeks blog we will be talking about the universal connectivity of our IDconnect® finger ID system. So you have our finger reader in your department and it is running amazingly! Students are flying through the line, you no longer have wrong entered IDs, and you are getting accurate counts. Other departments see your great success and wish they could also have the finger reader. Well they can!!

Our system can connect to any software that requires an ID. It is super easy to expand to other departments with the centralized database running on your server. The students are already enrolled so all that needs to be done is install the software, plug in the reader, and make a connection file. Then you are up and running the finger reader in another department. Really takes only like a half hour to do! Just think of the efficiency your campus can have with finger readers in every department. You will be seen as light years ahead of other campuses plus the students will love the convenience!

There are so many places to use a finger reader, to name a few:

Food service

Employee time clock



Media checkout

Computer access

Door access

Weight rooms

Nurses offices

Bus loading

Study halls

Sign in sheets

Registrar’s office

Dorm access

Sports events

And many many more!

With all the departments wanting finger readers we can get you huge quantity discounts! Plus you get to share support costs saving everyone loads of money!

There is no speed or accuracy drop with more added systems, so there is no worry there. We have sites with 20,000+ students running 80+ finger readers and still identifying in just milliseconds.

With how easy it is to expand, the cost savings, and no speed or accuracy drop there is no reason not to expand!!

Thank you for reading this weeks blog!!