Students that use the Finger ID system

We hear a lot of great responses from customers that purchased our IDconnect® finger ID system, but what do the students think of using a finger reader?

Here are some view points from people who use a finger for their ID:

Don’t have to remember their pin number. With so much that has to be remembered while in school it is hard to keep track of a pin number that can sometimes be as long as ten digits. Also in this age of cell phones there is even less need to remember things like phone numbers.

More Convenient. No longer have to bring my ID card with everywhere. Can just use a finger to enter the line. Don’t have to go back to the dorm room to get the ID card if forgotten.

Student Athletes can go right from practice to get their meal. They have a short window to replenish their nutrients after a hard workout. If they forget their ID card they miss this window. With their finger they are always ready to eat.

It is cool to use a finger for an ID. It is like it is something from the future!

The campus looks more technologically advanced with a finger reader. It is one of the first things noticed when touring possible universities!


As you can see there are many positive reasons why students like the finger ID system!