School right around the corner

It’s getting close to that time year again. Soon the halls will be filled with returning students and also new students.  Here are a few tips to make sure they get through the line without a problem

·         Refresh employees and students on how to place their finger properly on the reader

·         Make sure all cables are operational and free from frayed cords. If you need a replacement reader give us a call and we would be happy to help out

·         Startup bioconnect and go through the checkout process to make sure everything works as it should

·         Confirm you are running the latest version. If you are unsure please call our office. We can remote in to check and also update you to the top of the line version

·         Enroll all new students in the system. For a refresher on how to enroll check out our helpful how to video:

·         If you are looking to expand with you system we can get that going right away!

With these helpful tips you are sure to start off without a hitch!

If you are looking to add the finger ID system to your school now is the perfect time. We can remote in and install right away today! We can also get you trained in on how to run the system. We are very fast at setup and install to get you going quicker than ever!

Give us a call at 1800-248-7460 to get started!