Saving money for University & College Food Service

Hello again, and welcome back to another week of our blog! This time we will be talking about our friends in higher education and more specifically about how IDconnect® can help colleges and universities avoid fraud and stealing.

                They say college isn’t for everyone, and perhaps this is true, but one thing is for sure about most students in college, they are broke! Like ramen noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner until their parents mercifully come to whatever town their college is in and take them out to a nice chain restaurant. Now a lot of campuses have meal plans dining centers and what have you. First off, I would like to say that the colleges who have partnered with IDconnect®, to use our finger readers, have been very successful with our identification software. Secondly, these colleges, especially those who have an unlimited meal plan, save a ton of money! Why you ask? Well it’s quite simple really, eating ramen noodles everyday get very old very quickly, so for the students who don’t opt to go with the schools plan but can’t afford anything else what are they to do? Well they get their buddies to tell them their pin or share their ID card to go through the line and fraudulently get a free meal. Our finger ID system completely eliminates this from happening.

                It’s also interesting to note that the cost of a single reader is usually less than the cost of a single unlimited meal plan for one semester. So by preventing one student from stealing meals through card exchanging you can pay for one complete finger reader system. Another huge advantage of using our finger ID system on a college campus, means that students don’t have to bring their ID when going to the cafeteria. No more walking all the way to the dining center in cold weather, rain, and snow to realize you forgot your ID card by the time you reach the front of that long line. No more not remembering your pin due to the 5 hour study session you just had. Seriously though you have a limited amount of brain space, stuff gets pushed out, it’s scientific fact, probably.

                Another benefit of the system is it is just plain cool. When prospective students come to your campus for visits they see how advanced your dining center is, what do they think about the rest of your college or university? It must be just as advanced. Every college and university has great architecture, history and programs. You have to make your campus standout in every way possible. By putting a finger reader in your college or university cafeteria you can do just that!

                Thanks for reading our blog and I hope you’ll come back next week where we will talk about ….