Save time by not having to re-enroll fingers each year!

Time to time the question pops up with what happens when the patron’s finger grows? Do I have to re-enroll them in the system every year? The answer to that is no you don’t have to re-enroll their fingers in the IDconnect® finger ID system.  We have age progression built directly into our software. So as long as they grow at an average rate they will be good to go!

Not having to re-enroll every year will save you a lot of time and money. You won’t have to dedicate workers to going through and making sure each student’s finger works. There is no worries with our IDconnect® system!

When students come back from break there is so much going on to get back in the swing of things. Rest assured their finger ID will still work when they arrive at your foodservice line, library, gym, or wherever you have a finger reader.