Protecting your Child’s identity with IDconnect finger reader system

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back to another version of our IDconnect® blog! In this blog I will be talking about how we protect children’s identities.

Now most of you may be thinking that we don’t protect anyone’s identities at all. Isn’t taking their finger print putting out more information into the world that could be taken and used? Well firstly we don’t take anyone’s fingerprint. I can’t stress this point enough that we don’t take anyone’s fingerprint. I can see where people would get confused by this point and I can’t really explain it without having everyone sign a non-disclosure which as you can imagine would be very difficult. So for now believe me when I say this, we don’t take fingerprints.

Now my second point on how we protect kid’s fingers is that we don’t store any biometric information whatsoever. All we store is a number that is generated when your kid puts their finger on the reader. That goes back to my whole, we don’t take your or use your kids fingerprint. The scanner reads certain measurements of the finger and spits out a number.

The benefits of this system are huge and we have already covered several of them in past blogs. I’d like to speak to a couple of them today.

Fraud is always a disagreeable subject to broach, as we constantly hear of stories about phishing schemes, or the IRS calling you and claiming you will be arrested unless you pay them some amount of money, or my personal favorite the classic, I’m a prince from Zimbabwe and need you to start an account with 500 dollars and then I’ll give you a million dollars or something ridiculous like that. The fraud I am talking about however is far less sinister and not nearly as scary, but it is still worth mentioning. Be it kids stealing a card or using another child’s pin code, be it on purpose or accidental, these are not uncommon occurrences. Fortunately for parents, your school can simply opt to use IDConnect® and you don’t have to worry at all about your kid’s lunch account being used by another. I feel like I have probably said it a million times but it is really hard to fake a finger!

The final benefit I would like to discuss today is a pretty awesome one. Freedom! Yes freedom, one of the things that we Americans hold above all else. I am talking of the freedom to choose. You can, if your uncomfortable with IDconnect® system opt your child out of it. Now why you would want to because we seriously DO NOT take your child’s fingerprint, is beyond me. However as I have grown up I realize there are many things I will never understand, people wearing their pants around their knees, Mohawks or face tattoos. However I always say live and let live and we here ad IDconnect® also believe that. We work in conjunction with pin pads so if you want to, your child can still give their pin or use their card just like they did before!

Well that’s it for this week’s blog. Hope to see you on our next edition. Happy Scanning everyone!