Hello all, and welcome to yet another edition of the IDconnect® blog! In this edition I want to talk about attendance and more specifically how we can help you with your attendance. Imagine instead of taking roll call in the morning, the kids walk in the class and use our system to log their own […]


We hear a lot of great responses from customers that purchased our IDconnect® finger ID system, but what do the students think of using a finger reader? Here are some view points from people who use a finger for their ID: Don’t have to remember their pin number. With so much that has to be […]

Students that use the Finger ID system

This is the question that comes through everyone’s mind as they are placing their finger on the reader. How do I know if I was identified or not? A visual will come up with accepted or not accepted on the computer, but the monitor isn’t always in eyesight of the patron. That is where our […]

How do I know my Finger ID worked?

This week’s blog we are going to be going over in more detail of how our system does not store any biometric data. Now as stated before we cannot tell you the exact process of how we do not store biometric data and how a finger print can’t be produced from the information stored. We […]

Biometric data stored

This week we will be talking about what to look for in a finger ID system. The main focus when picking out a biometric reader is will it connect to my system and is it going to be fast. Those are very important features but there is a lot more you should be looking at. […]

What to look for in a biometric ID system

This weeks blog we will be talking about the universal connectivity of our IDconnect® finger ID system. So you have our finger reader in your department and it is running amazingly! Students are flying through the line, you no longer have wrong entered IDs, and you are getting accurate counts. Other departments see your great […]

Universal connectivity of the Finger ID system

This week I am giving Nick a break from blogging and sharing what I know about speed of identification. I tend to get involved with our product in the developmental and technical side.   I can write on and on about how our system works in all its intricacies to the point that no one would […]

Speeding up the food service line

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back to another version of our IDconnect® blog! In this blog I will be talking about how we protect children’s identities. Now most of you may be thinking that we don’t protect anyone’s identities at all. Isn’t taking their finger print putting out more information into the world that […]

Protecting your Child’s identity with IDconnect finger reader system