IDconnect finger reader for dorm access

Hello all and welcome to another edition of our IDconnect® blog! This week we will once again focus on our friends in the higher learning department. More specifically we will talk about how our system could help colleges and universities increase the safety of their students.

So we all understand how important it is to limit the access to dormitories. Not just for student safety but for their peace of mind. Of the many campuses that I have visited in my time, the common answer to this is an I.D. Card. Anyone who has read this blog before probably knows how I feel about I.D. cards and their numerous inconveniences. If you’re like me and lucky your head is attached to your shoulders or you’d have lost it a long time ago for example, an I.D. Card was lost or perhaps stolen after a night on the town.

It is (and I feel I may have mentioned this a time or two in prior blogs but it’s true) much harder to lose your finger. Certainly not impossible, see your high school shop teacher for more information, if there any high school shop teachers left that is.

Furthermore this could be used not just for your school’s dormitories but could be used in the workout center and any class rooms. You could essentially set up the finger to allow someone who hasn’t signed the necessary waiver forms to not be allowed into the gym. There could be many more applications of the IDconnect® system, several of which we have already talked about in prior blogs, such as in the lunchroom or to track activities.

My last point that I have is a rather simple one, between IDconnect® and I.D. cards guess which one is cheaper? Need a hint? It’s IDconnect® of course! No more printing out cards and replacing all of the lost ones. Students just need their finger and once again, fingers are much harder to lose than an I.D. Card.

Well that’s it for this week’s blog! We hope you have enjoyed it and come back for our next blog as well!