IDconnect Activity Tracker in the Gym

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our IDconnect® blog! In this edition we will be talking about something that has become a very important and somewhat controversial topic. Yes that’s right controversy right here in our little blog. The subject to which I am referring to is analytics.

Firstly to the controversial nature that is the analytics machine. Primarily created by certain massive search sites that will remain unnamed, analytics has become a vital and yes scary topics for most folks. Lots of people hate the idea that companies can keep tabs of you on the web. They see what you look at, what you buy etc. It’s frankly a little big brotherish. However analytics isn’t all that scary really. Aside from marketing to you in a way that probably makes you spend more time shopping online while you’re at work than you ought to, there really isn’t a lot of bad that occurs with this practice. It’s mostly stigma at this point, not all that different from the stigma that IDconnect® collects and stores fingerprints which we all now know is “Fake News.”

Okay so that’s all very nice but what does it have to do with IDconnect®? Well very simply IDconnect® is also interested in analytics. I am referring to our Activity Tracker program! For those of you who don’t know activity tracker is a piece of software available to our customers and is frequently used in after school programs to log what the kids are doing and create reports so schools can accurately track this activity. It helps to get the funding they need to keep the after school programs. For more info on that please refer to our blog all about activity tracker.

                So now we come to the crux of today’s blog’s and how IDconnect’s® Activity Tracker program can help your fitness center.  There would be several analytical advantages to your business. By tracking what machines are being used, you could keep an accurate time on how long your machines are being ran. This would allow you to accurately track how long they are used before they breakdown and would help you to do your in in house study to find the best equipment. It would also give you the ability to more accurately determine what machines are your most popular and what ones are the black sheep of the gym!

                Another excellent use could be for your members. They could track their exercise more accurately. You could set goals with them and they could use activity tracker to obtain these goals. The fit bands are a huge craze right now and you’re saving your members the hassle of buying one and wearing it while working out. In my personal experience with the trackers they measure your workout by your heart rate but unfortunately I have found that it isn’t all that accurate. Sometimes being off by 20 to 30 beats and my workout numbers have been affected.

                The limits are endless and are only determined by your imagination. How else could you use IDconnect® in your gym?