How do I know my Finger ID worked?

This is the question that comes through everyone’s mind as they are placing their finger on the reader. How do I know if I was identified or not? A visual will come up with accepted or not accepted on the computer, but the monitor isn’t always in eyesight of the patron. That is where our feedback light and audible chime come in.

First off what comes standard with all our systems, our audible chime. The default sound for accepted is a Ding sound and not accepted is an error sound. These sounds can be customized to whatever you would like. You could even have it say “Have a nice lunch”! The sound comes from your computers speaker after the finger is read. The sound can be amplified with an external speaker for areas that have a lot of noise, much like the food service.

Second is our red/green feedback light. This light gives a visual of accepted or not accepted. It will flash green for a positive identification and flash red for not identified. The duration of the light can be customized to whatever length you feel best. It easily connects to your computer through a USB cable.

When used in combination you are attracting two of the patron’s senses, sight and sound. There is so much going on in the line that you need every edge you can get to keep it flowing at a good pace.

Having these indicators helps speed up the line because without them a work will have to see on the computer they are identified and then tell the patron. With them they can see and hear for themselves.

Having the light and chime is great for Noisy areas like the lunch room where students can easily get distracted. For areas where you want to keep noise to a minimal like the library the feedback light excels!

These tools are great for students who are either blind or hearing impaired. They can use feedback from whichever tool is needed to come to a decision. This will help make your campus more handicap accessible.

With the help of the audio and feedback light accessories you can streamline a already way fast system like our finger ID system. These are great for anywhere on your campus!