Hidden Costs   Recently updated !

When looking at different finger ID systems it may seem like you are getting a good deal until the hidden costs start to add up.

Many finger ID systems are not upfront with their prices, keep charging you for this and that to run, and make you purchase MANDATORY support! This ends up costing you more and more every year for a subpar product. By forcing you to buy support they have complete control of the program you purchased and charge you whatever they like to line their pockets.

At IDconnect we give you everything you need to run and are honest with our prices. We are not going to keep coming back to charge you for more things in order for you to use the system. You get everything right off the bat. We do not force anyone to purchase support, it is all optional. You are in control of your own money. When you become a customer with us you own the system and do not have to purchase support for it to run. We give the first year of support for free and from there it is up to you if you want to renew it.

We want to provide the best system available and do not want to dictate how you run it. We always put our customers first, not the money.