Finger Reader and Germs

One question that comes up when customers are looking to add the benefits of a finger reader to their identification system is what about the passing of Germs? Let me answer that question with another question, Do you know what item everyone carries around that has the largest collection of germs? Their phones!

Everything than anyone touches has the chance to pass germs at least with our finger reader you have some control over the situation. Our readers can be cleaned with common disinfectants. They are robust enough to handle many cleanings a day. It is as simple as unplug the reader, clean, dry, plug back in.

Hands are probably kept cleaner than ID cards or phones. Many students wash their hands before they eat making passing of germs less likely to happen with a finger reader than an ID card or phone. How often do you hear of anyone disinfecting their cards? A pin pad is very had to keep clean, there are so many crevices that dirt and grime can slip into.

So as far as identification purposes a finger ID reader has little to nothing to worry about. For added cleanliness we suggest offering an antibacterial hand sanitizer for after they go through the line.