Finger Identification for Gym & Wellness centers!

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our IDconnect® blog! In this edition we will be exploring the opportunities for a fitness center and the advantages that we would provide to such an establishment.

I’d like to tackle the 24/7 gyms to start with. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the many different “open all the time gyms, I’ll give you the quick rundown on how they operate. They charge a monthly fee and you get access to the facility 24/7. This also grants you access to any of their facilities in the country by using you key fab to gain entrance. Essentially all you have to do is swipe the fab and you’re in. We would come in and say instead of using that key fab, which typically is a cost that is passed onto your customers, why not put one of our IDconnect® readers and have your members enter your facility using our method?

Some of the advantages are fairly obvious, for example, you can’t forget your finger like you would forget your keys. Most people don’t lose your keys but what if you’re going with a friend and because you aren’t the one who is driving, you don’t take your keys? You get to the gym and suddenly you’re out of luck on getting in because you don’t have your fab. So guess what? You get to make your friend drive all the way back to your house to grab your key. Now your friend is mad and you’ve wasted a whole bunch of time oh which you don’t have any to begin with. Not that I have any experience with this exact scenario but I would “Imagine” it wouldn’t be very fun thing to deal with.

Another advantage of our system at a gym would be the elimination of fraud. It would be very easy to share a key fab between friends. It’s not quite as easy as sharing a finger anyways. There is still a risk of one person opening the door and 3 or 4 people coming in but the gyms have thought of that too and actually have sensors to determine if more than one person comes through the door at a time. IDconnect® would also save a lot of time for gym owners going back through and making sure people are who they say they are. You could invest in another biometric option and put cameras in your gym that would detect people faces, but that is far more costly than our system and not nearly as efficient.

The last thing I would like to talk about today would be the question that any gym owner is having about IDconnect® and their system right now. Well Nick I really like the idea of all of this but how will we be able to let people in from neighboring gyms without a key fab and a database? IDconnect® is your database and can have hundreds of thousands of users. It would also be good to note that the database is kept in a centralized location and would work similar to the one that you probably already utilize.