Finger ID for the Library Checkout

Hello all and welcome back to another blog post from your friends at IDconnect®. Today I would like to talk about one of my personal favorite places when I was a kid, the library. I still remember the hundreds of books that I checked out and enjoyed and I still think about how that shaped me to be the person that I am today. Yes undoubtedly libraries are important and should be given every advantage possible!

Did you know that IDconnect® software is also compatible with library software? I’m willing to bet that you didn’t know that. So let me fill you in on how it works and then we’ll talk about what everyone is looking for, the value!

Similar too our lunchroom system, the library system is an overlay system so it will work with any current checkout system available. The child places their finger on the reader, the reader identifies them and your system recognizes the child and associates whatever book you just scanned to their account. So right away we have our first benefit, no more library cards to carry around and lose. I never lost mine of course. Okay I may have lost it once or twice… okay several dozen times. Give me a break though I was 8.

Seriously though imagine how much this would affect your program, no longer will have to worry about the cost of handing out library cards to all the kids, not to mention replacing lost and or stolen cards. Stolen cards bring us to our next advantage, no more fraudulent late charges on a child’s account who didn’t actually check out a book. You can lose a card pretty easily but losing a finger isn’t quite as easy. Parents will definitely love this added benefit, not that late fines are exorbitant, but when your kid didn’t even checkout the book that would get awfully frustrating awfully quick.

Another benefit to our system is noise reduction. With our feedback lights you can make it through a transaction with as little noise and distraction to the other library patrons as possible.

The last benefit I would like to type about is the ability to login to a computer station with our system. The reader identifies the child and logs him onto the system automatically. This would allow you to prevent non-members from gaining access to your systems!

That’s it for this week’s blog, check us out again next week and thanks for reading!