Does the IDconnect® finger ID system store fingerprints?

Absolutely not. This form of identification is called Biometrics, which translated means measurements of human characteristics.This is not fingerprinting. IDconnect® finger id system is extremely protective of the biometric measurements it makes.The system is one directional. The finger is enrolled and our system takes a variable amount of measurements based on the style of the fingerprint and places these in storage by creating a numeric that represents these measurements.There is no way to reverse the process and be able to recreate a finger print from this information.

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 Can someone duplicate my finger to fool the system?

With the IDconnect® finger system this has been made impossible. In order for our system to work a live finger of an enrolled student must be placed on a reader to make a match anything else will not work.



Does the IDconnect® finger ID system work with our particular brand of software?

Educational Biometric Technology has strived to make our system Universal to all systems found in education. In most cases we interface with the system via a keystroke or keyboard wedge type approach. In other words our system inserts the identification information into the active window as if it were typed from a keyboard. If your system accepts keyboard entry of identification information than our system will work for you.



How well established Educational Biometric Technology?

We are the first education market biometric company in the United States, delivering our first operational system in March of 1997 to a school library for identification during circulation. Since that date we have delivered thousands of systems to the education market.

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 How many fingers should we enroll per patron?

It is possible with our system to enroll up to 10 fingers per student. We recommend you enroll both index fingers for each patron. The primary reason for this is so the patron does not have to remember which hand and finger was enrolled.


 Can I enroll on all clients of our system simultaneously?

All clients can do all functions simultaneously. Our system is true client/server technology. One database is deployed per building, per campus, or per district whichever is more convenient.


 What kind of speed can I expect with IDconnect® finger?

The speed of our biometric system is faster than any on the market, but the speed is dependent on a few factors. Are you running on good solid hardware and network for instance? In a normal real world education environment measuring 100 or more patrons being identified in one line, you should average less than 5 seconds per patron. Of this 5 seconds less than 1 second is what it will take for our system to do the identification. Remember though patrons must walk up, place a finger, then walk away to allow the next patron.



 How large of a database can IDconnect® finger handle?

Any purchase of our system initially comes with license of a single database up to 5000 patrons. That means up to 5000 patrons can enroll all 10 fingers if so desired. In most education building level environments this is adequate. Many times however a campus or district installation may be desired, we can advance this license to 200,000 at a onetime cost based on the size you desire. This license cost is built off the MAC address of the server where this database is stored.


 Can the IDconnect® finger system be used with different applications simultaneously with one database of patron information?

Yes, this is one of the strongest design benefits of the IDconnect® system. It is universal to all application found in the education environment and though each client could be uniquely operating with different applications, only one biometric database needs to be maintained.


 Can the IDconnect® finger system work over the Internet?

Our system is designed as true client/server technology. Our server can run as a service on any Windows based operating system.  Our clients communicate with the server via TCP-IP. The Internet supports TCP-IP so if the IP address of the server can be viewed by a client, that client can connect over the Internet anywhere the Internet is available.


 Can the IDconnect® finger system work with browser based applications?

We have developed our system to work with any Windows based application, including browser based applications. Our system is truly universal to everything.


 Can the IDconnect® finger system work with Macintosh applications?

We have installed our system on Macintosh systems. Most times we have done this via the Macintosh’s ability to operate Windows based software.


 Can the IDconnect® finger system work for door access?

Door access is an excellent use of our product. Some design and setup work is needed to place a finger reader with hosting client, near the door, and to feed the door access software with ID information, normally via serial cable, but this is a great use of the product.