Extra Benifits of the finger reader system for point of sale

With the obvious benefits of speed, accuracy, and security that come with the IDconnect® finger ID system we often forget to look at the side benefits. One of them is how technologically advanced your site will appear with this great technology!

Prospective students and parents checking out campuses will be impressed with how advanced your ID system is with the finger reader. Staying up with the latest technology keeps you ahead of the competition and gets more students wanting to go to your school.

Imagine a prospective student checking out your campus. They have been to ten other campuses hearing the same things, eating the same lunches, blah blah blah. When they come to your point of sale they see students using their finger as an ID, where the other ones are still fumbling around with ID cards. That right there will defiantly make your campus stick out in their mind!

Skip ahead to their first day of classes at your campus. There are so many things going on, so much to remember and they finally take a break to go eat lunch. They don’t have to worry about “wait did I bring my ID card??” because they remembered to bring their finger.

So along with the many main benefits of a IDconnect® finger ID system for your point of sale there are many side benefits as well!