Differences in Finger Readers   Recently updated !

In using finger Identification systems there are two main readers, optical and semiconductor. Of course one is better than the other.

Optical readers usually have a glass screen and use an image of a finger print to make a comparison. These are the readers you see on tv and movies where they place a picture of a print or use a print overlay to fool it. They have a lot of moving parts on the inside and can easily break. Not something you would want to be used by children. The identifying process with an Optical reader is slower.

The other reader used is a semiconductor reader. A semiconductor reader uses pressure plates to find distances between ridges. They are robust and can take a beating. The main benefit is they can identify a whole lot faster and more accurate than an optical. The only downfall is they are a little more expensive, but the price is worth it for the durability and speed.

At IDconnect we use the latest technology. We are constantly testing all readers to find the best ones for the job. We currently use semiconductor readers because so far nothing else can beat them. For how much longer they last it is money well spent.