Hello all, and welcome to yet another edition of the IDconnect® blog! In this edition I want to talk about attendance and more specifically how we can help you with your attendance. Imagine instead of taking roll call in the morning, the kids walk in the class and use our system to log their own attendance, by simply placing their finger on a reader. No more entering the names manually into whatever program that tracks your attendance. All you need is a computer in your classroom and although it’s been several years since I have personally been in a classroom I’m going to just go right ahead and assume that you have a computer in your classroom, cause come on its 2017.

We have talked before about logging specific events and activities but this would allow you to keep a 100% accurate record of your class without ever raising a finger.

Did you know that this is IDconnect’s® 20th year in business? Did you also know that we are celebrating with free feedback lights when you purchase a reader (limited time only)? Did you also know that we take referrals? Seriously we appreciate anytime you talk to your colleagues at another school about your experiences with our product!

Thanks and have a great summer!