Activity Tracker

Hello everybody welcome back to the blog! On this week’s version we are going to discuss an essential issue when you’re talking about educating children! Keeping track of them. I recall my elementary school days spending tons of time doing stuff that I wasn’t supposed to be doing and just generally trying my best to not pay attention. Everyone was like that right? Can’t be just me, but when I went to high school I totally grew up. Well that’s my story anyways and I’m sticking to it. Like I said though we are here to chat about helping kids today, not my delinquency when I was knee high to the ground.

                More specifically I would like to talk about our software called Activity Tracker. Most of you probably haven’t heard of it and fewer of you have probably seen it. It works in conjunction with our IDconnect finger readers and it’s actually pretty simple! The child places their finger on our IDconnect reader, they are identified, a menu pops up and they select the activity they would like to do; examples (work on math problems, read a book, play in the gym or dissect a frog). That may be advanced for elementary school kids but, well, you get the idea. The activity is then recorded. The child comes back once they are done with that activity and either chooses a new one, or can say they are done for the day.

                Now what are the advantages to this you ask? Well aside from the obvious, accountability will be huge. We frequently see larger and larger classroom sizes, and it’s very hard for teachers to keep track of all of their kids. Our system allows a teacher to do just that. Additionally they have the ability to see how long someone did something and give rewards or administer a correction. 5 to 1 odds I would have got the latter more often than not. I do however remember the reading program we had as a kid. Basically your parents would track how long you read and you could read any book you liked so long as it wasn’t a picture book or a “Where’s Waldo.” I’m not naming any names but there were some kids that came up with an unreal number. I’m talking about they would have had to get off the bus, and start reading, then skip dinner, then not go to bed and read through pretty much the whole day. Seriously talk about alternative facts.

                So our system would allow a teacher to give a goal and let the teacher accurately track it. In addition to that, what is perhaps the biggest advantage of the activity tracker system, is the ability to track after school program activity. Not only can you track it accurately, our system also allows you to export that information in an easy to read excel document. You can then use that accurate report to get the funding that your programs need to continue to exist!