About Us

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With over a decade of experience providing Universal Biometric Identity solutions to customers worldwide. Our IDconnect system provides secure, convenient identification solutions for safe, easy interactions and transactions.


Who is Educational Biometric Technology?

The mission of Educational Biometric Technology is to deliver cost-effective, efficient, and secure identification solutions that increases convenience while saving you time and money.


Leader in Biometric Identification Solutions


Educational Biometric Technology or EBT is the oldest company and leader in the development, integration and marketing of biometric fingerprint identification solutions for the education market. Based in Caledonia, MN, EBT was founded in 1997 and delivered its first IDconnect® Finger identification system to a school library in Minnesota in March of that year. This was the first biometric system in the Nation in schools.

IDconnect is designed to be an accessory to the software you already implemented. Our Universal Identification System allows a site to enroll a patron just once, and that identification can be used for numerous applications for the Lunch Line, Media Center, Attendance, Door Access, Medical Distribution, Staff time and attendance, and more.

EBT is made up of software developers with a lot of experience in the education market. Our founding principle is to develop software with the highest of expertise in biometrics and software development using our customers to influence the design for the education market. This principle makes our system faster and more reliable for all ages than any other on the market.

Our IDconnect® system is constantly evolving and each year we are building the next release of our product.