A clear, crisp identification process

Sometimes we hear “why should we change from our old system? It gets the job done.”

The olds system may get the job done but upgrading to a finger ID system is a lot better. You will no longer get slow lines and wrong entered numbers.

It is kind of like “I don’t need glasses, if I squint I can see just fine”. That person may be able to get through life and do their daily routine but until they go to the optometrist they won’t see how clear and crisp things can be.

That is why we offer our pilot system. A line won’t know how poor a pin pad or card system is until they try a finger reader. The finger reader offers the crisp clear picture of faster lines and no more slowing down or going back because of wrong numbers. No more forgotten IDs, and no more stolen IDs.

Start today with excelling through the identification process instead of just getting the job done!