This weeks blog we will be talking about the universal connectivity of our IDconnect® finger ID system. So you have our finger reader in your department and it is running amazingly! Students are flying through the line, you no longer have wrong entered IDs, and you are getting accurate counts. Other departments see your great […]

Universal connectivity of the Finger ID system   Recently updated !

This week I am giving Nick a break from blogging and sharing what I know about speed of identification. I tend to get involved with our product in the developmental and technical side.   I can write on and on about how our system works in all its intricacies to the point that no one would […]

Speeding up the food service line   Recently updated !

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back to another version of our IDconnect® blog! In this blog I will be talking about how we protect children’s identities. Now most of you may be thinking that we don’t protect anyone’s identities at all. Isn’t taking their finger print putting out more information into the world that […]

Protecting your Child’s identity with IDconnect finger reader system   Recently updated !

Hello all and welcome to another edition of our IDconnect® blog! This week we will once again focus on our friends in the higher learning department. More specifically we will talk about how our system could help colleges and universities increase the safety of their students. So we all understand how important it is to […]

IDconnect finger reader for dorm access

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our IDconnect® blog! In this edition we will be talking about something that has become a very important and somewhat controversial topic. Yes that’s right controversy right here in our little blog. The subject to which I am referring to is analytics. Firstly to the controversial nature […]

IDconnect Activity Tracker in the Gym

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our IDconnect® blog! In this edition we will be exploring the opportunities for a fitness center and the advantages that we would provide to such an establishment. I’d like to tackle the 24/7 gyms to start with. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the many […]

Finger Identification for Gym & Wellness centers!

Hello all and welcome back to another blog post from your friends at IDconnect®. Today I would like to talk about one of my personal favorite places when I was a kid, the library. I still remember the hundreds of books that I checked out and enjoyed and I still think about how that shaped […]

Finger ID for the Library Checkout

Hello again, and welcome back to another week of our blog! This time we will be talking about our friends in higher education and more specifically about how IDconnect® can help colleges and universities avoid fraud and stealing.                 They say college isn’t for everyone, and perhaps this is true, but one thing is for […]

Saving money for University & College Food Service