Ever wonder how the finger ID system will work in your area? Well we offer a no cost no obligation trial for you to test out. We send you a complete system to test out for 30 days, this system doesn’t cost you a thing. We even install and train on the system for free. […]

No Cost Trial System

Does your site have problems with people not returning materials? What about incorrect information being recorded. Well the Finger ID system can fix all of that! It can be very costly when someone checks out an Ipad and never returns it. Then when you try to track down who initially checked out the Ipad you […]

The #1 way to ensure accurate checkout

With the start of school upon us make sure everything with the finger ID system is ready to use. Here is a quick checklist to make sure everything is ready when the kids need to use the finger reader. ·         Make sure you have all hardware, cables, and readers ·         Check over everything to ensure […]

Start of School

As you probably know finger ID is great for areas like the food service, library, gym, dorm access, and other places needing an ID. Did you know you can also use our system for attendance? Let’s say there is an event going on and students get extra credit if they attend. You could just do […]

Getting the most out of your finger ID system.

We look forward to being at the National Conventions of two great programs. We are proud longtime members of School Nutrition Association and the National Association of College and University Food Services! So if you are attending the show in Vegas please stop by booth #1121 or in Providence Rhode Island at Booth 380. Have […]

National Conventions!

Have a safe and fun 4th of July from us at Educational Biometric Technology!

Happy 4th of July!

RFID has been popular but it still falls short compared to a finger identification reader. Companies try to sell an RFID identification as an upgrade to a pin number or card swipe but it still carries the same downfalls. The RFID card is easily forgotten in a locker. Super easy to lose. It gets shared […]

Finger reader over RFID

With the IDconnect Finger ID system we use a centralize database on your server that only you have access to. What is the benefit of this? Well this blog post is here to explain! The most profound benefit of having a centralized database is you don’t have to move patrons as they progress through the […]

Centralized Database