The IDconnect® Finger ID system is the top system for Colleges and Universities. This is because of the following reasons: ·         We connect directly to the software that you already have in place so there is no need to re-train your workers. ·         We do not eliminate the card reader, just give the option of […]

Best Finger ID system for Universities and Colleges   Recently updated !

When looking at different finger ID systems it may seem like you are getting a good deal until the hidden costs start to add up. Many finger ID systems are not upfront with their prices, keep charging you for this and that to run, and make you purchase MANDATORY support! This ends up costing you […]

Hidden Costs   Recently updated !

We all know the finger reader is great for fast accurate recognition in the food service, library, gym, and etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use that speed and accuracy while gathering attendance? You can with our Activity Tracker APP! This program can be added to any system. It can track names, dates, […]

Finger Reader Attendance

In using finger Identification systems there are two main readers, optical and semiconductor. Of course one is better than the other. Optical readers usually have a glass screen and use an image of a finger print to make a comparison. These are the readers you see on tv and movies where they place a picture […]

Differences in Finger Readers

At IDconnect® we are constantly improving our software. Always ahead of the game with the latest technology. That is why we are the fastest and most accurate system on the market. We have an in house staff working to constantly improve and add new features while the others are still using dated software and technology. […]

#1 Finger Reader system for Schools

More and more states are proposing laws against the storage of biometric information for children under the age of 18. This means any biometric identifiers including photos of the child. Here at IDconnect® we agree with these laws! Children’s identities should be kept safe to protect them. That is why we spent a lot of […]

Banning Biometric Storage in Schools

When doing research on biometric companies it may be easy to fall into the pressures of salesmen trying to push an inferior product. But you really need to look into the details of what you are getting. Just like everything else no two biometric systems are the same. We don’t have “flashy salesmen” telling you […]

Company Priorities

Biometrics in schools As the popularity of biometrics increases in schools everywhere a line is being drawn to what can be stored. Many companies still store biometric information because it is easier/cheaper for them to program. This biometric information can be accessed and used to reproduce finger prints making children’s identities at risk. More and […]

Biometrics in schools