Sometimes we hear “why should we change from our old system? It gets the job done.” The olds system may get the job done but upgrading to a finger ID system is a lot better. You will no longer get slow lines and wrong entered numbers. It is kind of like “I don’t need glasses, […]

A clear, crisp identification process   Recently updated !

Are you curious about our finger ID system and wonder if it is as great as everyone says it is? Wish you could try it out? Well give us a call and ask to do one of our no cost no obligation trial systems! It is a great way to see how the finger reader […]

Pilot Program   Recently updated !

Every blog we discuss all what our finger ID system has to offer but what really matters the most to us is our customers! We are thankful for every one of our customers. You have kept us going the past 20 years and we strive to always make a better product for you. We love […]

Thanksgiving Thanks!

With the obvious benefits of speed, accuracy, and security that come with the IDconnect® finger ID system we often forget to look at the side benefits. One of them is how technologically advanced your site will appear with this great technology! Prospective students and parents checking out campuses will be impressed with how advanced your […]

Extra Benifits of the finger reader system for point of ...

One question that comes up when customers are looking to add the benefits of a finger reader to their identification system is what about the passing of Germs? Let me answer that question with another question, Do you know what item everyone carries around that has the largest collection of germs? Their phones! Everything than […]

Finger Reader and Germs

Each year our customers send in lots of useful techniques and steps they do to ensure a successful year of use of our IDconnect™ finger identification product.   Like any tool you use in your school, some maintenance, some refresher, some practice using the tool makes a world of difference.   With the finger identification system this […]

Back to school basics for a successful year of finger ...

It’s getting close to that time year again. Soon the halls will be filled with returning students and also new students.  Here are a few tips to make sure they get through the line without a problem ·         Refresh employees and students on how to place their finger properly on the reader ·         Make sure […]

School right around the corner

We are back with another blog post! One of the major advantages that comes with purchasing our product is accountability. An example not many people have thought of is to use our finger reader system in busses! Why wait for a problem to happen? It only takes one child not getting on a bus, or […]

Using a finger reader for Bus loading