More and more states are proposing laws against the storage of biometric information for children under the age of 18. This means any biometric identifiers including photos of the child. Here at IDconnect® we agree with these laws! Children’s identities should be kept safe to protect them. That is why we spent a lot of […]

Banning Biometric Storage in Schools

When doing research on biometric companies it may be easy to fall into the pressures of salesmen trying to push an inferior product. But you really need to look into the details of what you are getting. Just like everything else no two biometric systems are the same. We don’t have “flashy salesmen” telling you […]

Company Priorities

Biometrics in schools As the popularity of biometrics increases in schools everywhere a line is being drawn to what can be stored. Many companies still store biometric information because it is easier/cheaper for them to program. This biometric information can be accessed and used to reproduce finger prints making children’s identities at risk. More and […]

Biometrics in schools

So many devices these days are utilizing the speed and accuracy of biometrics. From phones to laptops and tablets. So why should the food service, library, and other departments be stuck in the past of using pin pads and ID cards? Move to the present day of using the advancements of a finger ID system […]

IDconnect Finger ID system is the present!

Time to time the question pops up with what happens when the patron’s finger grows? Do I have to re-enroll them in the system every year? The answer to that is no you don’t have to re-enroll their fingers in the IDconnect® finger ID system.  We have age progression built directly into our software. So […]

Save time by not having to re-enroll fingers each year!

Sometimes we hear “why should we change from our old system? It gets the job done.” The olds system may get the job done but upgrading to a finger ID system is a lot better. You will no longer get slow lines and wrong entered numbers. It is kind of like “I don’t need glasses, […]

A clear, crisp identification process

Are you curious about our finger ID system and wonder if it is as great as everyone says it is? Wish you could try it out? Well give us a call and ask to do one of our no cost no obligation trial systems! It is a great way to see how the finger reader […]

Pilot Program

Every blog we discuss all what our finger ID system has to offer but what really matters the most to us is our customers! We are thankful for every one of our customers. You have kept us going the past 20 years and we strive to always make a better product for you. We love […]

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