IDconnect® Finger scanning ID system

The IDconnect® Finger scanning ID system uses finger scanning to provide indisputable proof of student identification. With just the touch of a finger, it eliminates the need for barcodes, ID cards and PIN numbers allowing our clients the ability to increase accountability, improve operations and advance security.


How Does IDconnect® Work?

Once the students are enrolled in the IDconnect® system, they can be identified quickly and accurately to any other third party software application. When we enroll a finger we take a variable amount of measurements and the style of the fingerprint. These measurements and style of fingerprint get converted to a number which gets encrypted and stored. If decrypted and given to someone, this someone cannot reverse the process since many variables are not present.

Biometric measurements are used to create this enrollment, however, they are converted to something else entirely, “A Number”.


Advantages of using the IDconnect® Finger scanning ID system?

    • It is universal to ALL current software.
    • It helps to reduce the need to expand services with shorter lines.
    • Eliminates transaction error with tighter security.
    • Minimizes start-up and support costs with one form of ID for all systems.
    • Maximize administrative efficiency.


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