With the IDconnect Finger ID system we use a centralize database on your server that only you have access to. What is the benefit of this? Well this blog post is here to explain! The most profound benefit of having a centralized database is you don’t have to move patrons as they progress through the […]

Centralized Database

You may be wondering, “Do I really need a finger ID system? My current ID system seems to be just fine”.  When not too long ago this question was being asked “Do I really need a computer, my current checkout seems to be just fine”. If you want absolute accuracy in identification and need faster […]

Is a Finger ID system a Luxury or a Necessity?

We at Educational Biometric Technology want to thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great country. Have a happy and safe Memorial day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day

We strive to make the best finger identification system on the market. We also make it universally accessible. To help patrons who may be vision impaired we have a built in chime for accepted/not accepted. This chime can be customized to anything you would like, even recordings. It can be set up with a friendly […]

Options for patrons with disabilities

  Happy Small Business week everyone! Small Business week is the time to celebrate all the hard working companies that strive for their customers, much like your favorite Finger Identification Company IDconnect®! Our 46 employees are happy to help you out every day. When you give us a call you will be greeted with a […]

Small Business Week

The IDconnect® Finger ID system is the top system for Colleges and Universities. This is because of the following reasons: ·         We connect directly to the software that you already have in place so there is no need to re-train your workers. ·         We do not eliminate the card reader, just give the option of […]

Best Finger ID system for Universities and Colleges

When looking at different finger ID systems it may seem like you are getting a good deal until the hidden costs start to add up. Many finger ID systems are not upfront with their prices, keep charging you for this and that to run, and make you purchase MANDATORY support! This ends up costing you […]

Hidden Costs

We all know the finger reader is great for fast accurate recognition in the food service, library, gym, and etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use that speed and accuracy while gathering attendance? You can with our Activity Tracker APP! This program can be added to any system. It can track names, dates, […]

Finger Reader Attendance